SHIFT is a student group at Stanford that empowers students to move healthcare forward. We aim to promote and cultivate health innovation on campus by creating a forum for developers, entrepreneurs, and pre-health students to collaborate. As a student initiative, we want to create an environment to equip students for the growing intersection of healthcare and technology.

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health++ is an annual two-day hackathon scheduled for October 2017 at Stanford’s School of Engineering that will bring together 350 engineering and medical students, designers, physicians, and other healthcare professionals to tackle challenges in healthcare affordability.

TreeHacks Health

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A joint initiative with TreeHacks that encourages student hackers to explore hacking on health and healthcare. The TreeHacks Health team works closely with sponsors and experts with diverse perspectives in healthcare to provide resources and needs for top student hackers from all over the US.

mHealth iOS Course

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A Student Initiated Course (SIC) focused on iOS development for mHealth projects targeted towards students who want to gain valuable mobile development for applications in healthcare, and work on related projects in conjunction with academic + industry sponsors for an entire quarter.


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The Think Tank team connects members of SHIFT and interested members of the Stanford community to brilliant minds in the fields of biotechnology, health, and related fields. We aim to create a direct pipeline to potential advisors or project managers for students who aspire to learn from them.


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The annual Blueprint Case Competition (BCC) is a pro-bono consulting marathon at Stanford that brings together students across disciplines to design business solutions for nonprofit organizations in the healthcare industry. The second iteration of BCC in January 2018 will feature for-profit consulting firms as well.


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SHIFT Expo will feature in Spring 2018 with the aim to increase the breadth of SHIFT’s engagement with the surrounding health and biotech community and industry. There will be two main parts: pre-event dinner, which will be an exclusive networking opportunity, and the main expo, which will be open to public.



Neal Patel

Blueprint Chair
Electrical Engineering, 2019

Cindy Liu

health++ Chair
Biomedical Computation, 2019

Team Leads

Amanda Tu

health++ Lead
Product Design, 2020

Ankit Baghel

health++ Lead
Computer Science, 2019

Nimit Desai

Blueprint Lead
Computer Science, 2020

Alizeh Ahmad

ThinkTank Lead
Human Biology, 2019

Katherine Erdman

Expo Lead
Computer Science, 2019

Student-initiated Courses (SIC) Leads

Chaitanya Asawa

AI + Healthcare SIC
Computer Science, 2018

Meera Srinivasan

Design Thinking + Healthcare
Computer Science, 2019

Mike Hittle

Mobile Health SIC
Computer Science, 2019

Francesca Vera

Mobile Health SIC
Computer Science, 2018

Anthony Agbay

HumBio SIC
Bioengineering, 2019

Lyndie Ho

HumBio SIC
Symbolic Systems, 2020

Connect Lead and Webmaster

Samir Sen

Computer Science, 2019

Lisa Fu

Connect Lead
Computer Science, 2019

Board of Directors

Shivaal Roy

health++ Lead
Computer Science, 2018

Jason Wang

health++ Lead
Mathematical and Computational Science, 2018

Sherman Leung

Software Engineer, PatientPing
B.S. Computer Science, M.S. Management Science and Engineering

Shannon Xue

Strategic Analytics, Genentech
B.A. Economics


Marta Zanchi

Student Activities and Leadership Advisor of the Year 2016-2017
Stanford Biodesign

Lyon Wong

Spectrum 28

Oliver Aalami

Vascular Surgeon, Stanford Hospital

Robert Chang

Ophthalmologist, Stanford Hospital

Ami Bhatt

Director of Global Oncology, Center for Innovation in Global Health

Lloyd Minor

Dean, Stanford School of Medicine

Shruti Sheth

Medical Oncologist, Stanford Cancer Center